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Our Volunteers

We welcome the participation of anyone who feels they can contribute to our mission


Rev. Alexander Wilson


Rev. Wilson is a pastor with the Presbyterian Church in Canada. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Community Advisory Council at the Scarborough Health Network.

Lazare Shorter


Originally trained as a community organizer, Lazare spent several years in Asia researching public health concepts and teaching. He is hopeful that some of this knowledge can be helpful fighting COVID19 at home.

Dr. Paul J. Sharkey

Senior Medical Advisor

Dr. Sharkey served as Chief of Surgery at St. Mary's Hospital and Head of ICU at Grand River Hospital, both in Kitchener-Waterloo. He is now retired, a happy grandfather and avid golfer.

Danny O'Sullivan

Network Security Advisor

Danny is a software engineer specializing in cloud infrastructure. He hopes his knowledge implementing cloud security technologies can meet the challenges of planning a safe platform for community-based COVID19 rapid test devices.

About Us: Meet the Team
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